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Entrepreneur's Journal: A True Environmentalist

1 Oct, 2005
By: Heather Gooch Pest Management Professional

Richard Kiehna blends his love for nature with business networking

Richard Kiehna may be an environmentalist, but please don't call him one.

"Where I come from (in eastern Tennessee), you're just putting a target on yourself if you call yourself an environmentalist," says Kiehna, president of Fredericksburg, Va.-based Colony Pest Control.

Kiehna, a 26-year industry veteran, preserves the environment through responsible pest management. He's also actively working to help it outside of his profession ? and has picked up additional business as a result.


Kiehna's involvement with the Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) began more than a decade ago when he first moved to Virginia and learned about the large river that winds through the state. As an avid canoeist, Kiehna met people in the local boating community who convinced him to volunteer for the non-profit association. Today, he's a life member of FOR and recently wrapped up eight years of service as a board member.

Bayer's Kevin Connally, left, and Richard Kiehna stand in front of the headquarters of the George Washington's Fredericksburg Foundation.

Bayer's Kevin Connally, left, and Richard Kiehna stand in front of the headquarters of the George Washington's Fredericksburg Foundation.

"People say, 'Wow, you're interested in environmental things, but you sell pesticides,'" Kiehna says. "I always answer, 'Who would you rather have work like this performed by ? people who are concerned about the environment or people who don't care?' I've tried to use that as a sales point. I was surprised they didn't harass me when I first joined FOR, but they were just glad to have folks who were concerned and honestly willing to do the hard work of environmentalism."


Through his work with FOR, Kiehna became involved with the George Washington's Fredericksburg Foundation. Both groups aligned to keep a large retail store from being built near the riverbank. The foundation takes care of Washington's boyhood home, the Ferry Farm, as well as Washington's sister's plantation, Kenmore, which is a short distance away.

Kiehna notes that he doesn't wear his profession on his sleeve, but he doesn't keep it a secret, either. For example, he regularly runs Colony Pest Control advertisements in FOR's member newsletter.

The fact that he is both a preservation enthusiast and a pest management professional (PMP) was not lost on the Fredericksburg Foundation. When they wanted preventative termite work done on their historic outbuildings, the directors knew they could trust Colony Pest Control. Kiehna, who also handles the site's general pest control, inspected the grounds and structures for termites last summer.

"We never found any active termites or tubes, but we knew termites were present and available to infest," he says.

Kiehna decided to use Premise termiticide for the site and worked closely with Bayer Environmental Science Sales Representative Kevin Connally to donate product and time to the account. Colony treated the Ferry Farm and Kenmore Plantation last summer, and this year's inspection gave both sites clean bills of health.

In addition to servicing the Ferry Farm and Kenmore Plantation, Kiehna handles the general pest and termite accounts for both the director of the Fredericksburg Foundation and the director of FOR. In fact, the FOR director and one of his young daughters contracted Lyme disease this year and implored Kiehna to do whatever it took to control the tick population in his yard to protect his family.

Kiehna doesn't do the preservation work to get ahead in business. He does it because he wants to. The good reputation it brings to Colony Pest Control is just a side benefit, he says.

Richard Kiehna blends his love for nature with business networking

"Companies like ours need to support our communities," he says. "The industry has enough problems with image, so when PMPs do work like this, it helps change public perception."

Gooch is a Cleveland, Ohio-based writer. Contact her at pccontributor@questex.com.


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